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ON TV - Dancing on the moon

ON TV presents DANCING ON THE MOON, a new EDM track for the club summer 2019. The whole song is based on massive modern synthe-sizer sounds and the hard drums drive the groove with 130 BPM speed so grandiose, that the whole song simply animates to dance. Two ver-sions are available on the single, a club mix and a short cut of 3 minutes. The track was produced and released by the Frankfurt music producer duo Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm (ADM Soundworks). 

ON TV - „Just A Dream (Remastered)“

Spring 2019, The producer duo ADM Soundworks (Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm) from Frankfurt am Main presents ON TV - Just A Dream (Remastered), the song was originally created in the 90s in the classic style of dance pop music of the 90s. The sound of the track has now been completely re-worked, new drums and bass sounds have been used, modern studio master technology finally made this very powerful new sound of the Remastered track possible.

The song with danceable 130 BPM contains cool synthesizer sounds, the strong voice of Linda Rocco (Dance 2 Trance, Masterboy) makes the refrain fly and the super rap of Leo Slater (The Real Milli Vanilli) provides great groove in the verses of the track.

ON TV - Just A Dream (Remastered) is a varied song, which now plays out its great hit potential.

This hit potential has also been recognized by the very successful Dutch DJ Reinier Zonneveld and uses the main melody of Just A Dream for the main dance parts in his new single IBIZA Disco Lines, which will also be released in spring 2019. As a result, Just A Dream (Remasterd) will be played in large parts at many major DJ festivals in front of tens of thousands of fans, ensuring high demand for the release of Just A Dream (Remastered).

ON TV - Just A Dream (Remastered) is now available in this Remastered version for the first time worldwide via all popular digital music services.

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Previous successes - In 2017 ON TV was placed in the DDP Top100 (German DJ Playlist) and the DDJC 100 (German DJ Charts) for several weeks with the song "LA OLA". The producer duo of ON TV, ADM Soundworks, had several radio plays in 2018 with the project 2TRONIC - LIGHT UP MY FIRE as well as DJ chart entries in Germany, 6 weeks in and again in the DDP Top100 and DDJC. (

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